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About A2A Optima

A2A Optima, a functional subsidiary of A2A Business Solutions, is a full-service internet marketing startup pioneering in providing comprehensive end-to-end online marketing solutions. The team at A2A Optima is driven by performance and passion to excel. We take pride in designing marketing campaigns with a strong focus on our clients' strategic goals and business objectives.

Let's be found


We, at A2A Optima, adhere to a very simple ideology - "Let's be found". As a digital marketing company, we ensure that our efforts finally lead to the objective of helping our client "be found" prominently in the vast world of internet.


Atasi Chatterjee

Co-founder & CEO


Loves everything about the internet and the online domain. She founded A2A Optima with the idea of delivering online marketing in a completely innovative blend. As the CEO, she focuses on business strategy and providing leadership guidance to the entire team.


Manashi Ray

Operations Head


The lady who monitors and manages day-to-day operations for A2A Optima. With around 10 years of experience in managing companies of various sizes, she is the steering person.

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