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How can Digital Marketing Help Businesses Recover from COVID-19?

If you are looking to rebuild your business in the post-COVID19 era, this blog is for you. Read this blog on digital marketing trends and tips to know more.

Well, we all know that Covid-19 has disrupted several businesses. No matter how small or large the business is – everyone is going through such trying times and making history simultaneously.

Some businesses chose to make the full of the lockdown last year. Others helplessly succumbed to oblivion. This is the time for you to rethink your digital marketing methodology.

Let me introduce you to some digital marketing trends that are likely to rule the marketing space this year. The post-COVID era presents many opportunities for marketers. You can either gear up to rejuvenate a dull business. Or you can try to start afresh!

How Did COVID-19 Impact Businesses?

Marketing Week reveals in its survey that COVID-19 has had humungous impacts on marketing activities in 2020.

But we are undergoing a miraculous recovery. Slow, but steady!

An interesting analysis is how small businesses have begun to spend lesser on digital marketing strategies. But, according to Borrell Associates Business Barometer of April 2020, almost 44% of marketers said they are looking to invest in marketing.

If you thought COVID-19 brought tragedy alone, you were wrong.

Multiple businesses saw a downfall in business. Some reported it to be as low as 30%. On a whole, 85% of businesspersons testified that there has been a negative impact due to COVID-19.

At the same time, various small businesses chose to see the brighter side. Many marketers thus invested in digital marketing to witness growth.

Following are areas where you might have faced difficulties during the pandemic.

  • Maintaining customers and a steady relationship with them.

  • Financial constraints on your budget.

  • Protecting yourselves and your employees from the pandemic. (This includes both the physical and the economical perils)

  • Maintaining your e-commerce profile efficiently.

  • Understanding the importance of social media in these trying times.

  • Modifying your business model to suit the pandemic’s shortcomings.

  • Delivery issues.

  • Novel methods of marketing.

This blog will tell you how to curate your digital marketing strategies to follow current digital marketing trends. Also, crises call for newer, better solutions. This means the post-COVID phase demands better strategies.

Here are ways in which you can tone up your digital marketing game for the better.

Gearing Up Your Digital Marketing Methods Post COVID-19

I understand how sacred your budget might have been during the past few months. Spending even a penny would have been difficult. Such was the state of the market. So what you need are pocket-friendly ways to brush up on your marketing strategies. You need to think about making cuts. At the same time, you cannot slip into absolute mayhem.

Following are some of the hottest digital marketing trends that you can resort to.

1. Keep the Exposure Alive Using Social Media

One thing I cannot deny is that social media platforms soared during the pandemic. With most of the world stuck at home, the use of social media has considerably increased.

For instance, Influencer Marketing is a great way to start. Having social media profiles alone won’t do. You need to work on keeping it dynamic.

According to GlobalWebIndex and Influencer, nearly two-thirds of customers are likely to continue using social media to the same extend once the pandemic settles down. You can utilize this for the better.

2. Marketing Automation

Automation is a cost-effective digital marketing strategy. You can send personalized messages and emails to your leads and customers. This is a great way to let them know you still value them. It can also help maintain a healthy relationship with them while socially distancing.

Regular messages are sure to reap responses from leads.

3. Share Stories of your Pandemic Experience

The entire world’s going through a common problem today. By sharing your experience during the pandemic, you can introduce a personal touch to your business. It can develop an informal relationship between your customers, fellow marketers, and yourselves.

Sharing positive stories will develop inter-dependent community sentiments. This can help your business and consumer society to grow together and stay strong during these trying times.

4. Now’s the Time for PPC Ads

You might have already invested in PPC marketing. If not, this is a great time to start. With most of the world on their phones, Pay-Per-Click advertising is growing stronger by the minute.

PPC is one of the most popular digital marketing trends during the pandemic.

Local SEO for your Trusty Local Customers

Physical distancing might have resulted in the fall of a few customers for you. If you are ready to invest in Local SEO strategies, this can be compensated to some extent. Local SEO optimizes your digital marketing to focus more on local searches. This way you are most likely to attract many locals to your store. Grow your visibility using local SEO practices.

5. Redesign Your Website

As mentioned earlier, the use of smartphones has considerably increased during the past few months. This means many potential leads are accessing your website through their phones. If your website does not have a mobile-friendly interface, other digital marketing strategies may reap lesser benefits.

Redesign your website to be more inclusive and mobile-friendly. Additionally, give provision to your customers to share their feedback as well.

6. Using Google Analytics to Measure your Growth

All these strategies alone won’t do! You need to measure the impact of your digital marketing practices. Without ensuring that your investment is in the correct area, you cannot keep pumping the money in.

My recommendation is to use Google Analytics. You can track your website traffic and understand how to change your digital marketing tactics accordingly. Investing alone won’t do. Keeping yourself updated about the current digital marketing trends is the key. Also, do not fail to keep an eye out for your competitors.

In Conclusion

Learning, unlearning and relearning is the key to success. In these unprecedented times, you cannot stick with traditional digital marketing practices. You might have to curate newer digital marketing trends as well. Beyond everything, stay true to your business and keep your faith alive. You can pull through the pandemic efficiently by cleverly investing. Keep your budget steady and be open to any change.

Most importantly, do not take anything for granted!

Share your thoughts and stories with us down in the comments.


About the author

Atasi is the founder & CEO of A2A Business Solutions. A fascinating entrepreneur and a digital marketing expert who has witnessed the dynamics of digital marketing evolve from its early days, she often pens down her thoughts, experiences, and observations in and around the domain of entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and startup ventures.

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